Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Week

We took the kids to play at the park Christmas Eve.

Maggie and my Dad

This was the slowest train-but they had a good time!

Maggie LOVES to swing, and she's not happy unless she's going higher than her brother.

The kids reading Night Before Christmas with my Dad on Christmas Eve.

Maggie follows Molly around like Will always did with Macy. Molly is actually the first person Maggie ever walked to!

Maggie walking around on Christmas Day

Maggie rocking a few dolls to sleep

The bigger kids making the annual gingerbread house. For some reason, Tommy and Eric decided to use icing from a can rather than the stuff it comes with, so it was so heavy it collapsed later that night!

The girls and Will after Church Sunday morning in front of the tree at my parents' house.

All the grandkids after taking too many pictures that morning

Will with his new tricycle from Santa-he rode it all over the house that morning.

Maggie opening her official first doll-just before she opened her second, and her third...

Will with his car transporter truck. This was about the only picture of him being still that I could get!

Will on his smart cycle. SO FUN for kids this age!

She may look harmless, but if you look close you'll notice the shiner she gave me! She has a very hard head!

I can't believe Christmas Week is already over! My sister and her family came in on Friday and stayed through Wednesday. I think Tuesday or Wednesday is when Will started out at the front door "waiting" for Macy and Molly. When I would try to explain that they wouldn't be here for a few more days, he said "I'll just wait right here." Needless to say, he was pretty happy when they finally got here.

The weather was pretty nice the whole time so we spent most of the days over at our house so the kids could play in the yard. Christmas morning was at my brother's house and then we came here for "lunch" at around 3 and finished opening the presents up later that night. This has to be my favorite Christmas ever-Will and the girls threw out "reindeer food" the night of Christmas Eve and set out the cookies for Santa and the cheese for Santa Mouse, then we read "The Night Before Christmas" and went to bed. I loved doing the same thing with my kids that I remember doing when I was little and seeing how much Will enjoyed everything was the best part!

Maggie had a pretty big week too. She finally got her two front teeth-yes, for Christmas just like the song. She also started taking her first steps. She has a hard enough time keeping up with Will, but when Macy and Molly were here running around she had a little extra motivation!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and good luck on New Years Resolutions!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Santa Babies

I had Maggie's 9 month pics taken this past week and couldn't resist adding in a few more Christmas pics. It's hard to believe my baby girl is already 9 months old. She's standing on her own more and more and can get from one thing to the next without holding on the whole time. She's definitely more of a handful than Will ever was, and she already knows how to flash that special smile that gets her out of trouble!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas weekend!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

One Crazy Week

We have entered a whole new phase that I'm super excited about-enough hair for a bow-barely!

Maggie checking out the Santa on her bib

Not a great picture, but it shows how her teeth came in on the top.

We've had to go ahead and start Christmas early in hopes of getting through all the presents this year. Two year olds are so easy to buy for! BTW, for any of you with kids this age, this Honeybee Hop game is hilarious to watch them do and keeps them occupied!!!!

I just thought this was a funny face to make while wearing that shirt.

As if the Christmas holiday season and two small children weren't keeping us busy enough, we decided to throw a few extra things in the mix this last week. It was Eric's first official week working from home, so we had lots of adjusting-trying to explain to a two year old that Daddy is home but he can't play for about 10 hours is a little tricky. We're working through the kinks and I know it will be such a blessing once we figure it all out! On Monday, our hot water heater started leaking and flooded the gameroom, so we were without hot water and a gameroom until late on Wednesday on what happened to be the first consistent week of cold weather this year. On Thursday, the guys got here to intall the new carpet I had about 5 minutes to pick out the day before. Also on Thursday, Eric and I decided it was time for a new Suburban-so in the freezing cold and pouring rain on Thursday evening, we headed out to "test drive" exactly one Suburban. Thankfully it was the perfect one because I'm not sure how much more I was up for!

The weekend brought just as much craziness, but it was all fun! Friday night was our Young Families Christmas party, Saturday Will went to "Breakfast with Mrs. Clause" and Sunday was the live Nativity at Church. After it was over, all the little kids wanted to go pet the sheep and the donkey but Will was excited to "go pet Baby Jesus."

I also have to tell you about a new thing I'm really excited about (skip if you don't have kids...) but I had bought this thing called "Ear Check" one day at the store in anticipation of what was "ear infection season" in our house when Will was Maggie's age. Anyway, Maggie had been a little fussy over the weekend but we had just been to the pediatrician last week for her 9 month check up and the doctor said it looked like she had several new teeth coming in. Well on Monday night, I remembered I had bought that Ear Check so I drug it out and in ten seconds it had diagnosed a double ear infection. She didn't have any of the things that signaled an infection with Will-fever, congestion for several days, etc. But I took her to the doctor the next morning and sure enough...double ear infection.

If anyone stuck with me through this marathon post...have a great Christmas!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Week 2 of the Christmas Countdown

Will's first glimpse of the carousel inflatable in our front yard.

I had ordered this snowman and it came while Eric was out of town, so Will and I put it up ourselves. I'm sure my neighbors got quite a laugh out of that one. But it was worth it in the end to see that precious face light up when an 8 foot snowman blew up in front of his eyes!

Will and I on the mini mine train-his first ride out of looney tunes land.

This rocking horse served as a great distraction for the Christmas tree last week. I would see her little face light up as she saw the tree and dart in that direction, but then she would get to the horse and forget where she was going...thankfully

Will and Tyler on the spinny-thing at Six Flags. Thank goodness parents didn't need to ride along on this one!

Will has become a lot more interactive with Maggie-including trying to tackle her when she's crawling...this is obviously one of their sweeter moments watching Baby Santa together for about 30 seconds.

This past week was Eric's first week in his new job, so he flew out last Sunday to California and didn't get back until late Friday night. Let me tell ya, I have a whole new respect for single moms. I was SO tired by about Wednesday...but we made it without too much drama.

Maggie decided she would intensify her climbing efforts while Dad was away. Once I had left the kitchen for literally 10 seconds and when I came back, she had climbed into one of Will's little chairs and onto his art table next to the fridge. By the time I got there, she was standing on the table trying to scale the side of the fridge-my best guess is she wanted to see a picture of herself hanging about midway up! She found some other interesting things to climb on too, but that was her fastest.

We're really enjoying this holiday season-Will was into it last year, but nothing like he is now! Hope everyone is enjoying theirs!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

First Christmas Pics and our Anniversary

Maggie's official First Christmas Picture

I know this is blurry-I tried to get creative with my new camera and it didn't turn out like I'd hoped-but I think it's cute anyway. Maggie loves being up in the fort with Will, especially with all the lights. I tried to correct the setting and take the picture again, but Maggie was trying to pull the lights down by that time.

This one shows the lights better. Will wants them on day and night. I promise this is not a replica of how we decorated the front yard! I'll post pics of that another time.

Their first attempt at a Santa picture. I think it's funny because Will had been bribed with the candy store if he smiled no matter what Maggie was doing (normally he would get all concerned or upset). He did great considering she was staring at me and crying for every picture! She's not big on strangers these days.

So, normally I don't do the background scene/prop pictures, but I'm a sucker for all things holiday!

Will was just supposed to be sitting by these presents for a picture, but he kept opening them looking for toys.

So I guess it's pretty obvious by my pictures that we've jumped headfirst into Christmas this year. Will is really getting into the idea of Santa, although he is starting to confuse him with God. Last night we were saying prayers and after he thanked God for family and friends, he started on his toys. "Thank you for my trucks and cars, I need a bus, thank you for my kitchen and food, I need a shopping cart..." and on and on. Pretty funny.

Obviously this past week was spent mostly decorating and getting things ready for Christmas, but on Friday Eric and I celebrated our 5th anniversary. My, how times change! Five November 30s ago, it was all about us. This past November 30, I woke up with a sick baby, ran to the grocery store, took Maggie to the pediatrician while Eric took the dogs to the groomers, etc. We even had to push our dinner back a day, but it worked out fine! I am so blessed to be married to such a wonderful husband and father, and I wouldn't change a thing about our crazy life together!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thanksgiving Week

So here is my whole family on Thanksgiving Day-obviously a little obsessed with Tony Romo! Maggie got a cheerleading outfit rather than a jersey!

Will wearing a McFadden for Heisman shirt to a football game. He looks so bulky because I put a million layers plus a jacket on underneath that shirt. It was fun to watch the Hog game in Little Rock since they managed a pretty big upset!

Maggie passed out on her Daddy.

My friend Missy was able to come down one afternoon with her kids. Maggie and Katie playing with the kitchen. Maggie ALWAYS has something in her mouth!

This was so much funnier in person-Will was sitting in a doll stroller and Macy was running as fast as she could, pushing him while Molly ran behind Macy screaming.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving week. We went to Little Rock and spent the week at my sister's house. My parents, grandmother, and brother and his family were all able to make it this year. I remember Will's first Thanksgiving at my sister's house-he was about 6 months old and got his first real cold. It was also the first time he had been around a lot of people for an extended period of time and he got overstimulated quickly! Maggie absolutely thrived on the chaos and always wanted to be at the center of the party though. It amazes me everyday how two children can be so different!

The week went SO fast-we were able to spend the first couple days playing outside, but then the rain and cold weather rolled in. The kids threw deer corn out every afternoon and every evening deer would come into the backyard. One night we counted nine. Will also got to go to his first high school football game. It was the Arkansas state championship game, so all the dads took all the kids (minus Maggie) to the game. He loved the cotton candy, hot dogs, and never ending stairs to climb. All the moms went shopping that day! I also managed to talk my sister in law, Amanda, into Black Friday shopping. We didn't quite make it at 4 AM as planned, but we still managed to fill up my Suburban with toys!

Maggie got two new teeth while we were there. She already had the two bottom teeth, and now she has the two top canines! So crazy. She hasn't gotten her front two teeth yet, so it's pretty funny. She's standing alone more and more, and she's cruising using everyone and everything she can. She's also a climber. We discovered she can climb stairs, ladders, dollhouses-anything with levels. Needless to say, we have our hands full!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Updates from the weekend

We got to keep Tyler last Friday for awhile and he and Will had SO much fun!

Maggie was in heaven when Tyler was here-she usually crawls/cruises as fast as she can to wherever Will is, but he usually takes his toys and finds another place to play as soon as she catches up to him. But Tyler's new to the baby in the house thing and loved her following him around! Hopefully he'll feel the same about his baby sister in a few months!

So sad that Maggie's not in this picture, but they don't make jerseys in her size (at least that I could find). Will and I are sporting Romo's number 9, but I was only able to get Eric to wear a Cowboy jersey if he could have Staubach. Oh well-baby steps.

It seems like I just updated, but I know I won't for the rest of the week so I wanted to make sure I did before next week. For those praying for Eric's job search, thank you! He accepted a position last Friday and we are very excited for his new opportunity. One little thing-he'll be working from home. That's right-the vacation never ends! He doesn't start for a couple more weeks, so we still have some time to play.

Will had to go to the doctor this morning-he has another ear infection! Yes, we DID have tubes put in-it was a nice break for 6 months...We got an ear drop and an oral antibiotic, so hopefully he will be feeling better soon.

Maggie is still growing so quickly! She thinks she can walk already, so she will pull up on something, let go and stand there for a few seconds and think, then try to take off. Of course she plops down without going anywhere, but I swear in her mind she really thinks she's doing it!

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and safe travels for those leaving home. GO COWBOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Gymnastics at Home and Away

Will on his new trampoline

Tyler and Will at gymnastics.

Maggie's first ride

Homecoming weekend at Harding-Natalie's little girl Tori, Maggie, Cory's daughter Cammie, and Jayme's son Chase. Too cute. Hopefully they'll be looking at these pictures when they're all at Harding together!

Maggie has always loved to check herself out in the mirror. Lately she's been talking to herself a bit more and this week she decided she needed a kiss.

With 80 plus degree weather for the last week, we've been spending most of our time outside. We decided Will needed a new trampoline, so Eric put it together for him last Thursday and he's barely come off of it. We've had picnics up there, moved all of his cars and trucks outside, taken some of his animals outside-he literally will not come off unless we drag him. He was willing to get down on Saturday for his first gymnastics class with Tyler. They were so funny, absolutely loving every minute. We went to IHOP after they finished, so when people ask "What did you do in gymnastics?", he sometimes answers "We ate pancakes." After IHOP, we decided to take the boys to the carousel at the mall and after Eric and I had traded off a few times and the other one held Maggie, I decided she might like to ride too. The first time I sat in one of the sleighs that doesn't move, but it kind of made me nauseous, so I asked Eric to switch me. Then we decided she could sit on a horse (obviously we held onto her the whole time) and she LOVED it. The picture isn't great because the sunlight was behind them through those windows, but I'm sure you can still see her smiling ear to ear!

I really don't have much more to add because we have literally spent so much time on the trampoline the last week. We had a shower for my friend Wendy yesterday-Maggie's new friend Caleb is only a few weeks away! Things are moving along with Eric's job search. It will be quite an adjustment for all of us when he goes back to work!

Hope everyone has a good week!