Thursday, January 22, 2009

The First Slumber Party

Shayla and me-somehow being 8 years apart age wise and living five hours away from each other doesn't keep us from constantly saying the same things and wearing matching clothes without planning it!
Molly and Maggie "painting" Maggie's hair with glitter hair pens. Gotta say, not my favorite thing that happened. It just turned into one sticky mess!
I had to put this picture on here because I caught Molly in a cross eye! This girl has some of the best expressions!
I can't remember why he was in this chair, but I'm pretty sure we were trying to get him to wake up from a nap (yes, he's almost four and still naps!). He slept in the middle of all the action, just like this, for probably close to an hour. Guess that slumber party didn't involve much slumber!

This past weekend, my sister and her girls came back for a long weekend to spend some time with my mom. Usually when they come, they stay at my parents' house which is less than a mile away and we spend all our days together but the nights apart. THIS TIME...considering my mom's been in the hospital for almost four weeks and my poor dad's been splitting time between there and work, we decided it would just be easier for them to stay with us. The timing worked out well, because about a few weeks ago, Will convinced me he needed a bunk bed. I had taken Maggie to start looking at beds that she liked for her big girl room, and he was just facinated by all the bunk beds. He had his heart set on one almost from the get go, and the more I thought about it, the more I was able to rationalize it! We've chosen (for now) now to put the second bed underneath and he just uses that as play space/reading space, etc. This weekend it was "the cave" because we hung blankets off the top part and the three kids set up their ready beds underneath for a night full of good rest...
We had a great time with them but we've gotten spoiled lately with our long trips here or there. Three days was just not enough! Shayla and I spent most of the weekend with my mom while Eric somehow managed with all four kids all weekend-thanks honey! My brother and his family pitched in too, and hopefully my dad was able to get some rest along the way.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Welcome 2009

We've had a bit of a rough start to 09 with my mom in the hospital-still. Actually she's moved to rehab (physical, not drug :)) now, but we're still not sure what will happen with her left leg. So it's been a long few weeks with me spending so much time there with and without the kiddos, but it's starting to look up a bit now. I've been horrible about taking pictures lately and blogging as well, but I'll try to be better about both soon. I took Rudy (shortened from Rudolph-our kitty) to the vet today and it was the first time I'd written the date since New Years. I couldn't believe it was already the 16th! Hope everyone is having a great start to their new year!

Maggie is VERY into playing with babies lately and sometimes joins the fun they're having!

I was trying to get some snow inspired pictures for my January picture frames and the kids were not into it. I got lots of them playing with the snow and each other-not so much smiling lovingly at the camera!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Since Christmas...

Things have been a little crazy around here. We had a great time while Shayla's fam was in town, but we were SO exhausted when they left! Will wouldn't leave the house for two days. Then my mom ended up in the hospital with two broken legs-long story for those who aren't up to date but it was not an "all of a sudden" accident type thing. We've spent time up there, gone to Six Flags a few times now that Maggie's really into the rides too, to the train display at North Park Mall (but sadly, not much shopping there), and spent lots of time with friends and family. Sorry for the jumbled up pics-
Quite an outfit-hat, gown, high heels, lei, and baby in carrier

Ethan and Will riding their bikes-yes, Will DOES have a helmet that he wears when he rides

Maggie has inherited Will's tricycle but I forgot to get her a helmet (at this point-she has a princess helmet now), so while we were getting Will's helmet on, she ran back into the house and came back shouting "I need that" while holding up her tiara. She wore it proudly on her first "bike" ride.

Maggie and Will in their conductor hats at the Trains at North Park

Will on a quick tour of New York

Maggie snuggling up with Rudolph to watch a little Baby Newton while Mommy gets ready

Feeding her babydoll something she cooked in her cottage
Almost getting kicked off the swings for ramming into people in front and behind her

I wish I could get them to both do cute faces in the same pic-I guess I need to learn how to photoshop

"sharing" a pink thing on the way out of Six Flags.
Maggie literally RUNS from ride to ride.

Walking on the rocks like a big girl (and boy)

Poor baby was WIPED OUT after the first few hours there. She had a quick power nap on the train and then was back at it again!
Will's first time down snow hill. Not so sure about this ride. And yes, he's wearing short sleeves. It was 88 degrees outside.
Will and Macy on the stompin boots. After my kids had ridden this a thousand times over the last few months, I finally rode it last night and I have to say, it's actually kind of fun. But all you Nashville girls will be happy to know that the Titan is my fave.
Maggie on the Mexican Hat ride. She still prefers the rides in Looney Tunes I think, but she's ridden every ride in the park that she can, including the conquistador-that huge boat that goes back and forth really tall!
Will and Frosty

The kiddos on New Year's Eve. Little did they know at this point that their parents would let them stay up until the ball dropped at the New Year (fake New York time anyway). They had so much fun making smores and doing sparklers and just being crazy until WAY past their bedtimes. It was so much fun to all be together!

Will and his smore
Maggie stripped her smore down to the bare necessities-the chocolate bar.

Will and his sparkler. These turned out to be quite a hit with both the kids

Tyler, Ethan, and Will with their sparklers
She decided she liked the marshmallows at some point and SOMEONE (Aunt K) was giving them out freely!

Will and Grammy (Mom, don't kill me for putting this picture on here) having their New Year's lunch and watching some football
Maggie and Will gearing up for a nap. Will thought the chair that folds out into a bed at the hospital was the coolest thing ever-he ended up staying so he could nap in the "bed."
Playing Candy Lane Castle with Chief and Grammy