Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Halloween Week

I know, Batgirl doesn't wear Halloween crocs, but it turns out that Maggie doesn't like black boots (or gloves). Will has never seen anything Batman, Superman, Spiderman related moviewise, but he's suddenly very into Superheroes. So my initial costumes of cowboy and cowgirl were overruled when all of his friends decided to be superheroes this year. They love to "fly" around the room with their capes flowing out behind them. If only I still drove the batmobile I drove in college!


The original costume selection for the year-the cowboy and cowgirl. Oh well.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Old Friends and New Ones

Round 3 at the Pumpkin Patch-this time with our new friends Jules and Jillian!
Will and Jillian

I love how they're all squished over to one side on the Ferris Wheel-maybe a little unsure of this crazy ride perched on a trailer?
Maggie on one of her faves-the airplanes
Driving a truck with Will-check out that backseat driver!
On her true favorite-the stomping boots. This was the biggest spectacle getting her out of here!
Every time they circled past us, she would wave and say "Hi Daddy"

Maggie and Stacey with their first attempt at making a bouncy ball (one of our favorite crafts ever BTW...made by Rose Art)
Choosing Stacey over me to play ball!
Will and Stacey making a ball-he didn't stop smiling the whole time she was here!

My friend Stacey was able to come spend a few days with us this week and we had such a great time! I knew Will would love her, but I was a little apprehensive about Mags because she's a little of a mama's girl, but she loved her! Almost right from the beginning she would let her hold her and carry her around, and after a day or so she started going to her instead of me! It was nuts! We loved having her here with us and thanks to Eric, we were able to have some much needed girl time with dinner out one night and a morning of shopping in South Lake. When I came home without her that day the kids were so bummed! Thanks for coming Stacey-we love you!

We also got to spend time with some new friends this week-Jules and Jillian! Brittney and I were at Harding together and reconnected through the blog world. We were finally able to get our schedules on the same page and met at the Pumpkin Patch last week. It was such a fun day and hopefully we'll be able to get together again soon! (Sorry I got no pics of Jules-she's SO cute!!)

After a long and crazy week, we decided to have a nice, easy having a t-ball game and going to Six Flags twice. The weather was just so pretty and we had planned on going to the Fair Saturday to enjoy it, but Will had been begging to go to Six Flags lately so we ditched the fair and headed out. It was our first time to take Maggie (except for once as a baby last fall). I was pretty sure we were going to be spending a lot of time on the swings while Eric and Will rode everything else, but she hung right with Will. There are still some things she can't ride yet, but she was able to ride about 15 things and had everyone around us in stitches with her huge grins and belly laughs while the rides were on and her screams of "AGAIN!!!!!" when I tried to take her out of her seat. We had so much fun Saturday that we decided to go back Sunday for more. Needless to say, I'm sure we'll be making a few more return trips now that the weather is so nice!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Pumpkin Patch and Air Show

Tyler and Will at the pumpkin house

Am I the only one who thinks she's terrified of a pumpkin that large?

Will and Maggie, Ethan and Caleb
Look at my mischevious children-planting hay in Ethan and Caleb's hair while they're obliviously taking pictures!
This was a little confusing for Maggie
Hopefully not a sign of things to come!

Supposedly one of the largest inflatable slides ever
Will thought it was neat that the tires were so big

We made a return trip to the Pumpkin Patch this past Friday. We had never been on a weekday before and I was expecting a lot smaller crowd-the first hour or so was perfect...beautiful day and not many people. Then the school buses arrived. It was nuts how many people showed up in about a 15 minute interval. We made the best of it and went next door (for the locals, I know we're not supposed to support the "other" FM Patch) where there were about 15 people. They also had pony rides and a petting zoo, so the kids were thrilled. All in all, it was a great day.

Saturday we had t-ball, then Eric took the kids to the Alliance Air Show and let me come home to watch the OU/Texas game without interruption. What a husband! They had a great time and Will was already asking Eric on the way home when they could go back again.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

The first Pumpkin Patch Visit

I'm not sure who they were looking at in this picture, but I've decided the attempts at getting both of my children looking and smiling at the same time are futile!

This is him in the recovery room. Such a sad sight, but let me assure you that he was loving all the popsicles and stickers and he was sad to see that moveable bed stay behind when we left-this boy was LOVING the giggle juice they gave him!
Will with one of my brother's new dogs, Sugar
Maggie with both of them
Her first wagon ride through the pumpkin patch this year
Maggie in the wagon last year-how do they change so much in just a year?
Will teaching Maggie how fun it is to play with straw last year

Will sat here the whole time we were on the hayride (when I wasn't trying to get a family photo) watching this tractor. Maggie sat on the ground, playing with the straw Will introduced to her last year!

on the hayride-I don't know why we try this every year while bumping around on a trailor! Will just wanted to reclaim his front row seat to watch the tractor

The annual "sitting on a pumpkin" picture. This may be the last year for that one!
This is not the best shot of Tyler, Maddie, Maggie,and Will, but that thing to the right of will is a BEE flying in front of the camera. They were everywhere!

I have to say that we've been waiting for this day for a long time-I think Will has asked about the pumpkin patch every week since last October! It was the first Saturday it was open, so we had planned on going-the only problem was Will had his ear tube surgery on Friday, and Saturday was Home Depot day and he had a t-ball game. No problem-we just squeezed it all in somehow! Needless to say, there was some serious napping today!

Like I said, Friday Will had his second set of tubes put in. It's been such a long process, and definitely one that's taught me the importance of advocating for your kids! Our ENT seemed to be dragging his feet, waiting for it all to correct itself-meanwhile Will gets an ear infection every time we turn around and cold/flu season is coming up. I don't like confrontation, and I know there's a reason that we go to a specialist, but I just knew he needed tubes. He finally agreed to go ahead with them, and when he came to get us in the waiting room, he said that his poor little ears were just completely full of fluid.

Hope everyone is having a great Fall so far! It's one of our favorite times of year because there just seems to be so many fun things to do all the time! Maggie's really starting to enjoy her MDO program, and Will is learning a lot this year in school-when did 3 year olds start going to computer lab and math class?