Monday, March 30, 2009

I'm working on it!

I seem to be constantly apologizing for my slow blogging, so once again, I'm sorry. But I'm working on our Spring Break #1 Blog to Colorado, and our Spring Break #2 Blog to Cabo-they're just full of pics so it's taking me longer than I have the patience/free time for. But I AM working on it, and hopefully will have it done by the end of the week for those of you who actually still check in with us!

Friday, March 13, 2009

She's TWO!!!!!!!!!!

What a fun birthday Maggie had! Her big present was her new big girl bed! I searched forever for just the right bedding, but couldn't find anything I was happy with (except one comforter that was 1200 for just the spread-yikes!) so I decided it would be fun to make her bedding. Maggie's my special girl, and she is such a mix between pretty pretty princess and one of the boys, and she's got enough spunk for everyone in town! Anyway, I loved all the fabrics I picked, and thankfully the timing was perfect because my fabulous aunt was in town and she and my Granny had the whole thing cut and pieced in less than a week! I love how it turned out and it's exactly "Maggie" to me! Anyway, I don't have the decorations switched out yet, but the main part is in and now I can work around the bed. We took the crib out and put her new bed in while she was in school that morning, so it was all set up when she got home that afternoon. She took a quick nap in it, then it was off to Pump It Up for her party. We had a great day all the way around and it's so hard to believe my baby girl is TWO! She's already three months older than Will was when she was born-I can't imagine having another baby right now!!!!!!!

We love you Mags-Happy Birthday!

Crazy Jumping Girl!

Jumping in the crib on her last night to be one! This had become a nightly tradition-bath, PJs, dance party to Christmas music, jumping in Maggie's crib, stories in Will's room, then to their separate beds. Sad to see it go, but they've moved right on to jumping on her big girl bed!

My mom's first outing in who knows how long that wasn't to the doctor or the hospital-we were so glad she was able to come party with us!

Jumping on her new big girl bed! The transition was SO SMOOTH-this girl's happy as long as she can jump!
If you're wondering why she has this crazy smile in all her pictures, I was bribing her to take her pacifier out for the pics, so you'll notice it's in her right hand while she smiles, then she would pop it back in and move on with the fun.
At Pump It Up for her party-I got hardly any cute pictures, and the group one was kind of awful, but at least the two of them semi-posed for this one! I think he had just as much fun as she did and he's ready to start planning his party now!

Ready to take her first nap with some of her favorite babies!
Hanging out in the big girl bed

As long as I can remember, it's been a family tradition to have chocolate chip pancakes on your birthday. Since her birthday morning was also a school morning, and I needed them to go to school so I could change her beds out, I got up extra early and made the pancakes, got ready, got everything packed, and then sat around waiting. These kids slept WAY IN and we ended up having to rush through the whole breakfast (not to mention eat cold pancakes), but it was still fun. Clearly this is one of Will's favorites!
With one of her cupcakes from school-she had princess cupcakes to celebrate with her school friends!
During breakfast, we just put the phone on speaker when it would ring and lay it on the table so they could both enjoy all the singing and birthday wishes!
I just love this one because of those sweet looks they're giving each other!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Catchin' Up

This is the "chill out" position, so we had to get a picture in their shirts, of course! They both sit like this in the car sometimes-who said we're not laid back?

The following are attempts at trying to take some pictures of the kids-

Will trying to see what Maggie's doing for this picture...

Maggie checking out Will's pose...

Will's fake sweet smile that comes out when Mommy starts bribing

Maggie trying to figure out when Mommy will follow through with the promised M&Ms.

At the zoo-we've gone the last couple of weeks because the weather has been so fantastic-I guess Ethan got tired and needed a ride!
This one is probably only funny to Wendy and I, but Will was trying to share his fruit roll up (not a normal treat-it was left over from our plane trip to Michigan) with everyone and kept asking if they "want a lick" Ethan thought he must be crazy!
Yes, she has on PJs, but more importantly, she's wearing about 8 tubs of fingerpaints. This has become one of her favorite things in the world, and she always starts off very ladylike-dipping a Dora paintbrush very gingerly, painting a neat line across the page, and then she starts digging in. Sooner rather than later, she is dipping her hands, not her fingers, into the tubs and on warmer days when she's naked, she's in full body paint.
The kids and Eric went to a hockey game one night with several other Dads and their kids. It was Maggie's first outing on a Dad's night and I think she had a blast. Unfortunately, I spent my Mommy night curled up in bed with the flu. I didn't really get any good pictures, although Eric did a great job of taking a lot of pics-but this is Joel, Blake, Cade, and Will.

So I know I keep saying this, but sorry for the delay between posts. I really mean to do better, but lately everything has been so hectic. Let's see-this week, I'm packing for a ski trip to Colorado and in another set of suitcases I'm packing for the trip to Mexico we're taking as soon as we get home from skiing. I'm also re-doing Maggie's room into her big girl room because she turns TWO this week! In my spare time, I'm getting things ready for the party, and oh yeah-trying to keep up with these kiddoes! We are also spending a lot of time helping out with my mom, so there's not a whole lot of time for blogging. These are just some random pics from over the last month or so. I have to say, I've been really bad about taking pictures lately, but we should have enough to go around once we get home from our "travels" and after Maggie's big day! I tried to take some on Sunday of the kids because anyone who knows me knows that your birthday starts on the Sunday before the actual day and goes straight through the whole week (or more, depending on when the party is...) but they weren't in such a picture taking mood--I know, it's crazy to think that a 2 and 3 year old don't want to stop to pose for Mommy's camera! :)