Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas To All...

We had such a great Christmas! It really was everything I had always imagined Christmas to be with two little kids-tearing through present after present, sheer joy on their faces when they see what's inside (then tossing it aside and asking where their NEXT present is-or just grabbing what's close to them and opening that one), running around the room to show everyone what they got, and CRASHING so hard at the end of the day that they're still asleep at 9 this morning so I have time to blog! I have tons of pictures, of course, so I'll let them tell the story.
Playing a little golf at Bass Pro. This boy loves his sports! We did this last week but I haven't had time to post it so we're throwing it in with everything else!
At Bass Pro-it was a new addition to our Christmas Activities List this year and it was so fun!
Maggie get your gun!
GG went with us and we had a great time!

Will was driving the remote control car and Maggie thought she'd help give it a little push!

Writing their list down for Santa

Putting their letters in Santa's mail boxes
Hoping a big hug would help Santa remember his ever growing list!

Maggie is very into trains this year-Bass Pro had some really neat displays up

After the Live Nativity at our Church, all Maggie was interested in was checking out Baby Jesus
Throwing reindeer food out on the lawn the night before Christmas
Waiting outside Uncle Scotty's house to see what Santa had brought

Maggie in her cottage
Will's list grew and grew-the bike was the original request, then a jaguar, then kitty cat, then I lost track. Then there became a new Mittig family rule about how many presents Santa can remember.

Someone forgot to tell Maggie the wheely ball isn't a chair!

I get a lot of comments on how the kids always seem to get along so well, so I wanted to make sure our blog is a little more true to life-they love each other and really are the best of friends, but toys are toys and it's not always fun to share!

Maggie learning to walk in high heels

Maggie is very into makeup after Molly introduced her to it this week. There have been many, many makeovers! Molly wanted to do some eye makeup so she told Mags to close her eyes...

Now it's time for some pretty nails

A little bottle for Baby

A little bottle for Maggie

Learning early that reading the instructions makes things easier

More Diego stuff! Thanks Aunt Manda!

Will giving Maggie the Build a Bear/Rabbit he made her-Cotton Candy

Maggie's first candy necklace. Thankfully it broke right after this picture was taken and she never figured it out!

Will discovered Diego a few weeks ago-which turned out to be very good timing for gift giving this year. And yes, he has to pee. We actually had to force him to go yesterday because he didn't want to stop opening!

Maggie and Santa's gift to her-she ran straight for the babydoll and hardly paid attention to the little cottage she got-but once she figured it out, that was one happy girl!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! Hopefully we'll do the Texan, Six Flags, and Prairie Lights this week so check back for more pics!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Santa Came Early...

Santa's first gift-Santa didn't have enough room on the sleigh with all the other gifts, so he brought these little guys early. They're the tiniest kittens I've ever seen. The black and white one is Will and Maggie's-the gray one goes back to LR with the girls. It's been named Rudolph, Blitzen, Boots, and a few others. Considering our Elf is named Cucumber, you never know what they'll end up on.

On the Polar Express Train in Grapevine. The kids had a blast!
It's too bad they just don't have any fun when they're together-this was the night before we rode the PE Train-the kids had a popcorn/movie night with 3D Polar Express while the 'dults watched the Cowboys lose.

On the Polar Express Train. She might have had more fun than anyone!
Since I couldn't get a picture of both lookiing and smiling at the same time, here's the best we got Sunday
Maggie and Maddie at church Sunday. All the craziness around them-and I mean a LOT of craziness around them, and they were content just hanging out.
Will telling Santa he had added one more thing to his list since the previous 10 times we saw him-a kitty cat

We've had a busy week so far-Shayla and the girls came Saturday just in time to watch the Cowboys disappoint...again, Church and riding Polar Express on Sunday, Monday the stomach bug hit, and the rest is too much of a blur to remember. Since I already have over 200 pics from the week, I wanted to do a midweek blog. Short on time, so better save rest for later.

Monday, December 15, 2008

White Rock Marathon

Will cheering "the cow" on. I don't know if it was a promotion for Chick Fil A or what, but the kids loved seeing this guy. Other interesting people: the inevitable Santas and Elvises, the man who has run 105 marathons this year (why???), the lady who wore the shirt that said "I'm single" on the front and "catch me if you can" on the back, the sick children who crossed the finish line with their sponsoring groups in wheelchairs or whatever means necessary as a huge crowd cheered them on, the senior citizens and amputees with artificial limbs who were running-and at fairly impressive clips I might was so interesting to see all the different people who come out!
At one point, we were waiting a little longer for Eric to pass than we had anticipated and the kids had to find ways to entertain themselves...
Michaela and Brittani were kind enough to help me with the kids from stop to stop-thanks to the whole Malec family for all your help!
Cheering on the runners-the sign got cut off, but we were standing right in front of the "Suicide and Crisis Center" I might have been heading in there if I was in the marathon-I think this was the 22 mile marker.
Waiting for Daddy-Maggie had just fallen asleep as we got there and the 40 mile an hour winds woke her up!
More entertaining-hide and seek
That's Will, Brittani, and Michaela running with Eric at one point. Their mom, Natalie, ran with him for about a mile but I didn't get any pictures for some reason!
Maggie and Allie Grace hanging out after the race was over. Thanks to the Garcias for coming out to support Eric!
I had promised Maggie she could run with him the next time we saw him, but he had picked up the pace at this 24 mile crossing point and we missed him. She chased after him for a little while, but we had to book it to meet him at the finish line!
He stopped to grab the kids so they could cross the finish line with him!
I think Will was just as tired as Eric after all the running around he had done chasing him!
Joel, Eric, me, Michaela, Will, Mark, Brittani, Natalie, Blake, Leanna, Allie, Maggie, Cade

We're so proud of Eric for running in the marathon! He decided he wanted to do this because his friend Kevin had started running them awhile back. After about a month of good training, he hurt his foot and had to put the breaks on running for about a month. But in true Eric fashion, he laced up his running shoes and completed the race after hardly any training. Maybe now he'll go to the doctor and get his foot healed before his next one in February (hint hint Daddy). We're so proud of you!