Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Shayla's week in Cabo

My favorite sister is on the beach in Mexico, so her girls are spending the week here with us! We've had a blast, as usual. The kids are really funny and they've all played together so well. Usually it's Will and Macy that can't get enough of each other, but Will and Molly are new best friends this trip. We celebrated Macy's fifth birthday on Friday, and have been swimming and playing in the sprinklers the last few days. Today we went to some long time family friends' house to get all the kiddos together. They have an AMAZING backyard that all the kids didn't want to leave. I'm worn out! Will also had his first day ever without a nap, hopefully not to be repeated for awhile. Just wanted to post some pics because I haven't in awhile but I'm too tired to write anything more...

Okay, I just added those 2 additional pics because I realized there were none of Maggie or Brandon!! For some reason they're looking really dark on the blog but they're not that dark in person. Is there some way to edit that on here?

Hope everyone has a great week.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Summer Days...finally

Well it's finally quit raining here. I think it rained something like 55 days in a row, but we've been pretty much rain free for a week. I actually had to water my flowers and turn the sprinklers back on! Will is so happy that we've been able to be outdoors more often. Of course he's still into the water hose, water table, and his little plastic pool (how I'm missing the pool at our old house NOW!), but he's also pretty into water parks these days. We found a little kid park that has a lazy river in it and he loves "swimming" all the way through it. Maggie has been so good, too. The first time we took her, I had her all decked out with her sunglasses, bathing suit, hat, etc. She slept the WHOLE time. So the second time, I just put her in a casual little outfit that she'd be cooler in than a clingy swimsuit and she didn't sleep at all. I finally just let her play in her clothes because she wanted to be just like her big brother splashing in the water!

I also just realized I didn't post pics from July 4. It was hard to get any good pictures of them both-Will only likes to "hold" Maggie for about a second at a time and then it's a race to catch her before he tries to get back up. Both the kids LOVED the fireworks and we actually got to see several different sets from where we were sitting. Will asked for more fireworks everyday for the next week. We went with some long time family friends and all the kids, grandkids, etc. Will made cupcakes for the occasion with EXTRA blue sprinkles. Yum...
Will still likes to help Maggie with her tummy time. It's getting harder and harder to get her to do any because as soon as I lay her down she rolls over onto her back. Now she thinks it's a game I think because she is always squealing when she does it!

I also posted a picture of the kids with my folks-they celebrated their 40 anniversary this past Sunday. That sounds a long way off from the big 5 that Eric and I will celebrate in November!

Hope everyone has a great week!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Visit with the cousins

I posted a few pictures I had taken of the kids recently-Will's two year pics and Maggie's 3 month ones. For those just catching on, yes, I am obsessed with pictures!

We've had a busy weekend so far with Shayla and her family in town. Will has been following Macy around the whole time. He's always loved her! There's about 6 months difference in age between Molly and Will, and they're finally starting to play together more. I can tell they're going to be getting into lots of trouble over the years! It actually stopped raining here for a few hours today so we were able to go to my brother's house to swim. It's really the first time I've missed the pool at our old house all summer because it's rained so much! Everybody had a blast jumping off the side. I had to post that one of Brandon, Macy, Tommy, Scott, and Eric jumping at the same time. It's been nice with the girls in town because they all love to play "Rosey" (ring around the rosey) so Will's getting his fill of that. It's really hard with just the two of us during the day-I get so dizzy!

As for updates on the kids, Maggie is getting big way too quickly. She's starting to laugh more frequently, so I'm loving that. Will is still as funny as ever, and I'm noticing everyday how thick his Texas accent is. Words like "cloud" are now three syllables. I don't know where he's getting that!
Hope everyone has a great week!