Monday, June 23, 2008

Sum Sum Summertime...

HELP!!!!!!!!!!!! It is impossible to overexaggerate this, though I know it sounds crazy. Maggie is OBSESSED with these shoes. As you can tell, they are pretty worn. She literally WILL NOT wear another pair. When she wakes up in the morning, she is saying "SHOES" and looking in her shoe drawer for these. She will cry and throw fits until these shoes are on her feet. Try another pair, and you get kicked by a crazy wiggle worm who is screaming "NO" and looking for her favorites. It started out kind of funny, but it is getting a little out of control. And what's even more scary is that they are now getting to be too small. I bought them on clearance at the end of last year so now I can't find them anywhere! I've checked ebay, online stores, outlets, everywhere I can think of. So if anyone sees THIS style shoe in a size 5.5, please tell me!

We've had such a fun beginning to our summer! Father's Day was nice-church with my family, lunch at a restaraunt of Eric's, my Dad's and brother's choice, then home for a nap! That night we did ice cream with some friends and a visit to the kids' favorite fountain to splash a little. Since then we've been busy with water parks, minor league baseball games, swimming, and just enjoying our summer. We had Maggie's 15 month check up today and she broke the 19 pound barrier! Yea Maggie! Bad news for both kiddos is a trip to the ENT. Maggie needs tubes (no shock there) and Will is probably going to have to get another set. Other than that, the kids are doing great and for the most part, they don't seem to affected by their ear troubles. Okay, onto the pictures...


Father's Day-The kids are so blessed to have such wonderful men in their lives!

The family that pees together...
Maggie is still into whatever Will is doing, even if it includes going like a country girl/boy!

And inside the house too of course.
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Eric and Will going through the lazy river at the water park.

Will with the "Airhog" at the game. What is that really?

At the top of the "mountain." Apparently they had tons of activities for kids. I'm not really sure they actually watched any baseball

Maggie and I went to our first Mother-Daughter Tea this weekend. Mags is a big fan of the tea sandwich. When she had been "cut off" by her great granny, grammy, and mommy, she took it upon herself to find some more.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Two weeks of crazy!


Will playing hide and seek in the middle of my Dad's ferns, groundcover, etc. Yes, he took a snack with him to hide!
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Maggie in our friends' baby swing


Macy, Maggie, Molly


Eric may kill me for putting this picture on here, but Will did LOVE Molly's "fluffy" shoes


At Home Depot day last Saturday. This picture is probably only funny to those who know this is totally NOT Molly's cup of tea.


This is the baby swing set that my parents have in their backyard and these kids climbed all over it. For some reason, the swing was pretty popular. If there was a weight limit on here, safe to say we probably exceeded it.


The kids with their catamarans




Maggie's famous "busted" face

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Mine and Erics' moms enjoying the cool of the fans under the patio-maybe our best investment yet!

I know I've been a bad blogger lately, but it has been such a busy few weeks with visitors! First my sister's girls were here for 8 days while Shayla was on vacation, then overlapping with that, Eric's Mom came into town! We had a great time with everyone and are so thankful for the time we had with them. Will always loves to be with Macy and Molly, of course, and then to get spoiled by Grandma too was the best! For those who don't know, she is from Scotland and is still very active in the Scottish community, especially Scottish dance, so she was in town to judge at the Arlington Highland Games this past weekend. After she finished up, it was time for a trip to the toy store where Will was literally piling everything into the cart that he saw! The rest of the week was spent trying out all the new stuff and trying to adjust Grandma to this Texas heat!

Also, I wanted to wish Maggie a Happy 15 Months. She was going to get her own blog, but I'm behind and then Father's Day is coming up so I was afraid I'd never get back to it! What a special little girl God has blessed our family with. She brings such joy into our home with her HUGE cheesy grins, her loving hugs and huge open mouth sugars, hilarious dances, imitations of all her favorite animals, the way she follows Will no matter what he is up to, how she needs a bow in her hair as soon as her outfit is on and how she loves to pick out her own shoes (even though they rarely match her outfit or each other!), how she eats from the second her eyes are open to the time they close at night and she still just weighs 18 pounds, how excited she gets when she sees a familiar face, her constant game of "peekaboo" and how much she loves to play it! She is really starting to talk now too. Some of my favorites are "Mommeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee", "Daddy", "Will"(it's about 3 syllables and is the cutest thing ever), bow, baby (she loves to love those sweet babies), any facial feature because she will grab onto whosever nose it is she's describing and laugh that mischevious laugh, and shoes. I love that her "Texas accent" is going to be just as pronounced as Will's!

Hope everyone has a Happy Father's Day!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I can't upload new pictures right now because something's going on with my cord, so here are some extras from Mexico and randoms from the past couple weeks.

Will and Molly in Mexico-we drink that V8 Fusion here, but they had it in juice box form there. The kids never knew they were drinking a fruit and a vegetable serving in each box!

This is all of us getting ice cream one night.

Maggie is finally leaving bows in her hair, even while swimming! It's funny now-each time we get her dressed, she starts saying, "bow" over and over until she has one in place, then she checks herself out in the mirror, goes to get her purse and a necklace (Mardi Gras beads) and heads for the door.

The kids haven't quite gotten the hang of the slip and slide yet. That's at Tyler's birthday party a couple weeks ago.

We are having a crazy week with half my family leaving town and the other half coming in. Anyway, I haven't posted anything for awhile and don't have much time now, but I wanted to tell you moms about a new thing we found online. We have always liked the site, but my Dad stumbled onto something new on the site that we are really enjoying. Will has been into Dr. Suess books for awhile, and on the site, if you click on the icon with Horton from Horton Hears a Who, it gives you the option to select one of about 30 different titles where it plays a little movie of each book. I don't know if anyone else is into those books right now, but they're pretty short and if you've ever tried to read Fox in Sox, you'll appreciate someone else doing the tongue twisting for once!

**I forgot to mention Will's three year check up. She said that he had been in the 20 percentile for weight and 50 for height at his two year check up and now he's in the 70 for height and 50 for weight. I love our doctor, especially for well checks because she spend so much time on every little thing and is full of positive feedback! Unfortunately, he had some more ear issues. Another double ear infection and one of his tubes is clogged. He had no symptoms at all and never even mentioned to me that his ears were bothering him. I'm starting to really think he just always has an infection and doesn't know what life is like without one. Poor thing. We go back to the ENT sometime soon, so I'm curious what they'll do next. Maggie also has another ear infection. Their eustachian tubes must be completely level. She had tons of symptoms, so at least she still knows the difference. Anyway, just pray that their poor little ears, especially Will's, get better soon. She said his ears were more likely to blame for his sudden separation anxiety and "three year oldness" than him actually turning three!

Hope everyone is having a great start to their summers.