Thursday, April 16, 2009

Back to Reality

Easter Sunday. We didn't have time for pics that morning, so this is after Eric and I taught kids' church with a billion preschoolers and sat at lunch for a couple hours. Of course, the one family picture where both kids are looking AND smiling!!!!
After an Easter Egg hunt, I couldn't get the kids to look up because they were much more interested in the candy they'd found!

At the park the other day-Big brother and little sister

The kids cracking a confetti egg on Uncle Scotty's head
Brandon and Will coming off the slide at Trail Dust-Will's new favorite restaraunt
Tyler, Ethan, Will, and Tyler's cousin Devin at the neighborhood Egg Hunt-Will got fourth place this year! We had just finished a soccer game and we decided it was more important to stop for donuts than to go home and change clothes!
Maggie and Will Sitting and Spinning as a fireman and princess. Gotta love dress up days!

Will playing goalie-he's so involved! In his defense, Macy and Molly were at the game and he just wanted to play with them!
My sweet Mags hanging out in the truck. This is the only picture that I can vaguely see a resemblance of me even though everyone lately says that we look just alike.
Waiting for Daddy at his second marathon. He took over an hour off his time so we weren't waiting long!
Will and Tyler chasing the ball on the soccer field.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


We ditched the traditional white and khaki color scheme this year and we're going with blue now!
We missed having Eric there! These pictures seem strange without him!

His hair is a little alfalfa here, but it was crazy all over the place and I forgot to take gel, so I wet it down and thought it would dry before we got to the beach for pics. Whoops.
That splash is a whale-the picture below is him coming back up. This is the extent of whale watching we did-

Everyone who's been to Mexico knows there are no shortage of people on the streets trying to sell you something. But this woman was just carrying iguanas around, putting them on people's head and hoping they'd like it so much they'd give her money! Everyone did a head shot but the Mittigs-we're not so big on reptiles sitting on our heads.

Will was less than thrilled to be so close to this puffer fish that washed up!

When we got home from our ski trip, my sister and her girls came in the following day to spend a fun weekend in town before heading to Mexico. We left EARLY Monday morning for an all girls plus Will vacation to Cabo San Lucas, the best place on Earth! Thankfully my friend Stacey agreed to come along and was a big help! We did a lot of eating, relaxing, and...well that's pretty much it. We didn't even know what time zone we were in for the first day and went to bed at 7:30!
Will and Macy with their Captain Tony's hats

We were a little off with the change in time-two hours is a lot to overcome in a week! So this is the kids, probably about 7 in the morning, ready to get in the pool that was a teeny bit cold this early!
Maggie watching the waves get close (close to her was about 50 feet)

And running away from them!

Stomping out "stompin castles" that Aunt Stacey made for them!

Senorita Maggie, digging the guacamole. This dress isn't supposed to be an "off the shoulder" one of course, but it kept falling and I thought it was funny until I realized she had a sunburn over both shoulders where I had sprayed around the straps that fell.

This is more about the story than the picture-all week, Maggie was afraid to walk across this bridge-I guess she thought she'd fall in the pool? But it's really more of a path than a bridge-it gets you from the driveway to the front door, the front door to the lounge chairs, etc. and it's too much trouble to walk around the pool so it's just the path that we took. But sweet Mags would stand at one end and look for someone to carry her, or tip toe slowly down the middle line of the bridge and then when she got a few feet from the end, she'd take off running with a big, determined smile like "I did it!"
We were on our way to Sushi one night, but I wanted a picture of the kids first so I told them whoever gives me the sweetest smile gets a gummy worm. Who said bribery doesn't work?
This is also about a story-Will loves loves loves garbage men. He is seriously upset when it's trash day at our house if we miss the men that pick it up. If we see them on the road, he waves frantically and is crushed if they don't wave back. So imagine his little face when the trash men came to the house in Mexico!
"Chillin out" at the pool one afternoon.
The bridge jump
Digging in the sandlot because it was too cold to swim at 6 AM!
The kids love getting off the plane on the tarmac!
This was our last night in Mexico-we went to a restaraunt called The Office on the Beach for a Mexican Fiesta-this was about 30 minutes into our evening, and Maggie took a seat in the ocean just after I took this picture. I guess she hasn't learned that you can see through white when it gets wet!

I promise he's not drinking a margarita! We ordered them lemonades and I think it was a little on the sour side judging from Will's face!
Practicing blowing bubbles

Eating lunch one day

Stacey and I taking pictures of ourself Harding Style!

On the stage about to hit the pinata. The guy was asking everyone what their name is and where are they from. So he says "What's your name little boy?" And Will said "Texas!" Everyone in the crowd went crazy. So the man laughed a little and said, "No, what's your name?" And Will very proudly spelled out "W. I. L. L."
Will loved the men who came to sing at our table and he and Macy kept requesting more songs!

For some reason I just thought this was a funny picture.

Stacey and the kids dancing on the stage
Safe to say Will was excited about his balloon animal--it WAS a fairly impressive Elephant that he named "Elfie." We tried to trash him at the airport, but Molly saved him (Will was fast asleep)