Monday, February 16, 2009


Me and my girl watching the "men" ice fishing!

Maggie being Maggie-food in one hand, drink in the other

Will and Papa were watching Kynthia feed their goats-she told Will to look at them stick out their tongues and check his out!

Devin, Shane, Maggie, Will, Brandon, and Brandon-these are the professional Wii players!

Not sure what happened to this picture but they were playing hockey in the basement. I couldn't get wide enough to get the whole shot, but they were all playing and it was like a real game!

Kevin, Eric, and Bayer-friends since high school or maybe before-
Kevin and Kynthia's kids-Shane and Brandon--cousins Devin and Brandon--and Will. These boys had so much fun playing together!
Will was a big fan of sledding. I'm guessing we'll be doing a lot of this in Colorado!
Eric pulling Princess Maggie-that's the frozen over lake behind them where we ice fished

Okay, maybe I overpacked a little. This didn't even count our 4 carryon bags! But I'd like to say we wore everything I took!
Gotta say, I was a little bit nervous about ice fishing-especially after that little problem on Lake Erie, but we had fun-this was his first fish!

Throwing a fish back that wasn't a keeper!
It's so hard being a princess-she was pulled EVERYWHERE in this sled, so I'm not really sure why she's the one yawning!

The grandkids with Grandma reading stories before bed on our last night there!

So I know I am the WORST blogger lately-we've been super busy with my mom and traveling and I'm splitting what little time I have left between the blog world and facebook. So...I'll try to keep the updates coming as frequently as I can because I'm horrible at scrapbooking and this is how I remember things, and so I can update the few loyal blogfans I have left.

We went to Michigan last week to see Grandma, Papa, Aunt Alison, Uncle Andy, and cousins Devin and Brandon, as well as some old friends Eric hadn't seen in WAY too long! We had so much fun, and thankfully the weather wasn't as cold as I had imagined it was going to be. We also celebrated Eric's birthday while we were there, and even though the suprise part of the party didn't go off as planned (rather WHEN it was planned), he was still surprised and we had a great time.

For those keeping track, my mom is home from rehab finally and is doing better. She goes back in a few weeks to schedule the correction for the left leg. We found out the company that made her titanium hip replacements the first time around that are now breaking and causing her to go through all these surgeries went out of business. Can you believe that? Who knows how many other people are affected?

We are having a fun year so far-Maggie and Will are just so much fun-I had forgotten how much I loved this age Maggie is-or maybe I don't remember it since she was a newborn when Will was this age! Either way, I am loving it and so thankful I'm "home" with them to enjoy every minute!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

You're Hot, then You're Cold...

I love her big blue eyes-pardon the fact that my windows are full of handprints and she has food all over her face-she was eating a banana muffin and I had put a little bit of butter on top and she started licking it off. I started laughing and with her most serious voice and face she said "Don't laugh Mommy-I just like butter" This story is funniest to my family I'm sure since I've heard tales of me doing the same thing when I was little.

Walking with one of my brother's dogs, Sugar
"Jumping" through the doggy hoops-I don't think she understood so much that a dog park was not there for her entertainment but the dogs'!

Two really huge dogs, girl named Jennifer that owns them, and Uncle Scotty with Mags.

Will and Caroline at the dog park. They were cracking themselves up!

At the dog park-the kids had such a great time watching all the dogs play together-from the littlest teacup one to the biggest great dane!

Up, up, up they go...
And-nothing...She was so disappointed when she realized this was not a slide!
Will and Caroline waiting for the rodeo to begin

I don't think Will was really sure about what he was about to see...but he loved it! Thanks for a great time Greenbergs!

Playing on the iced over trampoline

Making "ice angels" Hey-you work with what ya got, right? This is Texas!
Will getting ready to fly down the iced over slide!
Even the dogs enjoyed the ice storm...

Until Torpedo Maggie came through!

In true Texas fashion, the weather was crazy this week! We went from short sleeves Sunday, to an Ice Storm Tuesday that cancelled school Wednesday (and a birthday party unfortunately!) to short sleeves over the weekend. We managed to fill up our week with random and unexpected surprises and had a lot of fun! I learned how (or taught myself-not like it's rocket science) to build fires in the fireplace this week, so we took full advantage of that new talent-of course a fire means smores, so we also had a good time roasting marshmallows with family and friends during the cold weather. Will and Eric had front row seats at the rodeo and had a great time with friends (while Maggie got some good one on one with mommy and Grammy at the hospital) and we circled around to a new park and a dog park along with a few parks that we frequent on Super Bowl Sunday to get them good and worn out so Eric and I could watch the game in peace (thank you TIVO)! It was just too pretty of a day to waste time taking a nap! So anyway, enjoy the pics and have a great week-whatever the weather!