Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thanksgiving Week

So here is my whole family on Thanksgiving Day-obviously a little obsessed with Tony Romo! Maggie got a cheerleading outfit rather than a jersey!

Will wearing a McFadden for Heisman shirt to a football game. He looks so bulky because I put a million layers plus a jacket on underneath that shirt. It was fun to watch the Hog game in Little Rock since they managed a pretty big upset!

Maggie passed out on her Daddy.

My friend Missy was able to come down one afternoon with her kids. Maggie and Katie playing with the kitchen. Maggie ALWAYS has something in her mouth!

This was so much funnier in person-Will was sitting in a doll stroller and Macy was running as fast as she could, pushing him while Molly ran behind Macy screaming.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving week. We went to Little Rock and spent the week at my sister's house. My parents, grandmother, and brother and his family were all able to make it this year. I remember Will's first Thanksgiving at my sister's house-he was about 6 months old and got his first real cold. It was also the first time he had been around a lot of people for an extended period of time and he got overstimulated quickly! Maggie absolutely thrived on the chaos and always wanted to be at the center of the party though. It amazes me everyday how two children can be so different!

The week went SO fast-we were able to spend the first couple days playing outside, but then the rain and cold weather rolled in. The kids threw deer corn out every afternoon and every evening deer would come into the backyard. One night we counted nine. Will also got to go to his first high school football game. It was the Arkansas state championship game, so all the dads took all the kids (minus Maggie) to the game. He loved the cotton candy, hot dogs, and never ending stairs to climb. All the moms went shopping that day! I also managed to talk my sister in law, Amanda, into Black Friday shopping. We didn't quite make it at 4 AM as planned, but we still managed to fill up my Suburban with toys!

Maggie got two new teeth while we were there. She already had the two bottom teeth, and now she has the two top canines! So crazy. She hasn't gotten her front two teeth yet, so it's pretty funny. She's standing alone more and more, and she's cruising using everyone and everything she can. She's also a climber. We discovered she can climb stairs, ladders, dollhouses-anything with levels. Needless to say, we have our hands full!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Updates from the weekend

We got to keep Tyler last Friday for awhile and he and Will had SO much fun!

Maggie was in heaven when Tyler was here-she usually crawls/cruises as fast as she can to wherever Will is, but he usually takes his toys and finds another place to play as soon as she catches up to him. But Tyler's new to the baby in the house thing and loved her following him around! Hopefully he'll feel the same about his baby sister in a few months!

So sad that Maggie's not in this picture, but they don't make jerseys in her size (at least that I could find). Will and I are sporting Romo's number 9, but I was only able to get Eric to wear a Cowboy jersey if he could have Staubach. Oh well-baby steps.

It seems like I just updated, but I know I won't for the rest of the week so I wanted to make sure I did before next week. For those praying for Eric's job search, thank you! He accepted a position last Friday and we are very excited for his new opportunity. One little thing-he'll be working from home. That's right-the vacation never ends! He doesn't start for a couple more weeks, so we still have some time to play.

Will had to go to the doctor this morning-he has another ear infection! Yes, we DID have tubes put in-it was a nice break for 6 months...We got an ear drop and an oral antibiotic, so hopefully he will be feeling better soon.

Maggie is still growing so quickly! She thinks she can walk already, so she will pull up on something, let go and stand there for a few seconds and think, then try to take off. Of course she plops down without going anywhere, but I swear in her mind she really thinks she's doing it!

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and safe travels for those leaving home. GO COWBOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Gymnastics at Home and Away

Will on his new trampoline

Tyler and Will at gymnastics.

Maggie's first ride

Homecoming weekend at Harding-Natalie's little girl Tori, Maggie, Cory's daughter Cammie, and Jayme's son Chase. Too cute. Hopefully they'll be looking at these pictures when they're all at Harding together!

Maggie has always loved to check herself out in the mirror. Lately she's been talking to herself a bit more and this week she decided she needed a kiss.

With 80 plus degree weather for the last week, we've been spending most of our time outside. We decided Will needed a new trampoline, so Eric put it together for him last Thursday and he's barely come off of it. We've had picnics up there, moved all of his cars and trucks outside, taken some of his animals outside-he literally will not come off unless we drag him. He was willing to get down on Saturday for his first gymnastics class with Tyler. They were so funny, absolutely loving every minute. We went to IHOP after they finished, so when people ask "What did you do in gymnastics?", he sometimes answers "We ate pancakes." After IHOP, we decided to take the boys to the carousel at the mall and after Eric and I had traded off a few times and the other one held Maggie, I decided she might like to ride too. The first time I sat in one of the sleighs that doesn't move, but it kind of made me nauseous, so I asked Eric to switch me. Then we decided she could sit on a horse (obviously we held onto her the whole time) and she LOVED it. The picture isn't great because the sunlight was behind them through those windows, but I'm sure you can still see her smiling ear to ear!

I really don't have much more to add because we have literally spent so much time on the trampoline the last week. We had a shower for my friend Wendy yesterday-Maggie's new friend Caleb is only a few weeks away! Things are moving along with Eric's job search. It will be quite an adjustment for all of us when he goes back to work!

Hope everyone has a good week!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Little Rock Trip

One last Halloween picture of the fireman and the cow. What I thought was obviously a dalmation costume (since it was Disney 101 Dalmation), people kept confusing as a cow. EVEN with a fireman brother!
Will LOVED Trick or Treating. He now sometimes confuses "trick or treat" with "please." The morning after Halloween we were getting ready to leave for LR and he kept saying "I need some candy trick or treat." Two year olds certainly present some challenges, but they are so funny!

Where's Maggie?

Peekaboo! She was cracking herself up with this and did it about a hundred times on our way home from LR.

Macy and Molly loved Maggie-obviously the feeling was mutual.

We took a walk down to the river to see the geese. Those with kids know how loud the wheels are on these things, especially with four of them. We made such a loud noise coming down the road that we actually scared some deer OUT of hiding-they took off across a field to get away from us! We also had some deer come into my sister's backyard while we were there. SO different than Dallas!

We left last Thursday morning and went to Macy and Molly's house for a long weekend trip. Usually Will follows Macy around like she invented play-doh. He's always been so into whatever she's doing. And USUALLY Molly and Will aren't too sure about each other and they almost always want the toy the other one has. This trip I think we finally turned the corner. Will and Molly played together SO WELL the whole time. Macy played with them too, but it was just different this time. We were planning to come home on Sunday, but Will threw a fit like only a 2 year old can because he wanted to stay. Not that we usually let him get his way, but we did this time. Eric and I were happy to stay anyway, and Maggie was loving all the stimulation. When we were getting ready to leave on Monday, Molly asked if I could leave Will at her house. When I said he needed to come home with us, she asked if she could just come to our house then. So cute. Needless to say, it was a wonderful weekend and a much needed relaxing one!

On Saturday I took Maggie and drove to Searcy for Harding homecoming. It was so great to see all the girls from college, but I had forgotten my camera battery, so to those who are reading, this is a shameless reminder to please e-mail me some pictures!