Thursday, April 16, 2009

Back to Reality

Easter Sunday. We didn't have time for pics that morning, so this is after Eric and I taught kids' church with a billion preschoolers and sat at lunch for a couple hours. Of course, the one family picture where both kids are looking AND smiling!!!!
After an Easter Egg hunt, I couldn't get the kids to look up because they were much more interested in the candy they'd found!

At the park the other day-Big brother and little sister

The kids cracking a confetti egg on Uncle Scotty's head
Brandon and Will coming off the slide at Trail Dust-Will's new favorite restaraunt
Tyler, Ethan, Will, and Tyler's cousin Devin at the neighborhood Egg Hunt-Will got fourth place this year! We had just finished a soccer game and we decided it was more important to stop for donuts than to go home and change clothes!
Maggie and Will Sitting and Spinning as a fireman and princess. Gotta love dress up days!

Will playing goalie-he's so involved! In his defense, Macy and Molly were at the game and he just wanted to play with them!
My sweet Mags hanging out in the truck. This is the only picture that I can vaguely see a resemblance of me even though everyone lately says that we look just alike.
Waiting for Daddy at his second marathon. He took over an hour off his time so we weren't waiting long!
Will and Tyler chasing the ball on the soccer field.


Brittney said...

Oh my word...the sit and spin picture is my favorite. Of course Will is HANDSOME...but Maggie looks PRECIOUS! Her sweet smile and lovely hair...I just want to eat her up. Glad you posted...maybe you and I can both get back on the wagon, huh?

Amanda said...

They are so cute! I love Will's smile and I think that pic does look like you. Hope you guys are well. Come to TN soon!